Smart Field Management is designed to give managers and organizations complete visibility into the movement of their field staff with accurate tracking of KMs travelled, automate the reimbursement process without discrepancy and detailed reporting structure for performance management.

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Live Location Tracking

Track your field staff from the comfort of your office. This facility enables managers and organizations to track the route taken by the employee and their current location. This function gives you complete visibility of time spent in travelling.

History of Client Visits

Take a report of daily visits No need to maintain records of client visits manually, the app records the clients visits done by the staff members in a day and the reports for it can be pulled for any period for a specific team member at any time.

Client Visit Management

Effectively manage and assign daily client visits. With data available to understand time spent on travelling and approximate time spent at client’s location, the managers can effectively allot # of visits to be done in a day to the field staff.

Adding Client Details

Add client details while on the go and share any files required The app enables field staff to submit client details and files through it. The app can be integrated with your CRM to get the leads directly into your system for tracking and can directly track the employee's performance.


Attendance marking with a selfie while on the field Field staff will be able to mark their attendance while on the field the app will capture a selfie and the location simplifying the process of calculating working hours put in by the field staff.


Simplified Reporting and Reimbursement process No more working on excel sheets to keep a track of your employee’s performance and KMs travelled in a month, maintaining fuel bills, etc. The dashboard view will give you complete details about the client visits.


The app provides reminders for the next meeting scheduled to the field staff enabling them not to miss any of the appointments and enables the team members to plan their route in advance.


Roof Inspection

Scheduling An Appointment

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